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Jewelry for fidgeters. Love it.


This is necessary for someone like me, who silently destroys napkins and beer bottle labels with my nervous hands during the most casual of friendly conversations. 

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Do you ever follow someone and they follow you and you really wanna be friends with them but you feel like you’re bothering them everytime you try to interact with them but they’re just so cool and you’re just like


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umm I just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing feedback I’ve gotten for that small comic OH GOSH I’M REALLY OVERWHELMED I really didn’t expect so many people to like it dkfmgds it was just a really random thing .. I’VE GOTTEN A LOT of asks on whether I’m gonna continue it and I just want to say YEAH!! I still have a bunch of ideas that I couldn’t fit into that first comic and I’d love to draw all of them when I can!! It probably won’t be a continuous comic-story thing though, probably just mini-comics here and there bc im not the most confident writer ha ha 

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AGAIN mghj blubs I don’t know what to say other than lie here and cry bc you’re all too sweet and wonderful

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I Like the night - Julian Casablancas (Decibel Azzaro)

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god bless puberty